Saturday, February 12, 2005

The First, Founding, and Nituit Nations

RATIONALE We are the Nituit Nation, and we claim most of Canada. We say most, because we agree that Quebec must leave per their request. Once we were called Canadians, but no one listens to mere Canadians any more, so we are providing this Manifesto as a new blueprint for Canada.

Who are the Nituits? We are the descendants of the people who created the most decent and prosperous nation on Earth. We ar enot the First Nations, we are the Founding Nations. Yet we are also the same fools who are progressively letting others claim Canada, while assuring ourselves that we are laudable for doing so. We’ll have Nunavut, and we’ll see no more of Canada lost to this folly.

FIRST NATIONS The First Nations, less than two percent of our population, cost taxpayers more than $7 Billion annually. It seems that $10,600 for every native is not enough – even racist if Mr. Coon Come is to be believed.

At a recent fishing protest on the BC coast it was mentioned that “94 First Nations were involved in that coastal fishery”. We must find out the rules for such nationhood. As the Nituit Nation, should we too be allowed to benefit fully from western civilization’s benefits, if, at the same time, we can absolve ourselves of any responsibility for the deeds of the human species? Can we also revert to selling furs to the Japanese or killing whales, or smuggling and casinos for that matter, as if this were the 17th century?

QUEBEC As former Canadians, we disapprove of Quebec’s promise to divide the Nituit Nation into two pieces, even the Nituits cannot be fooled in this matter. We agree with Quebec’s Premier Landry that we should work with him to effect the separation of Quebec, and we actually insist that it happen as expeditiously as possible. We must retain the five percent of Quebec below the St. Lawrence River, however, to maintain the physical integrity of our Nation.

DEFENCE Our only possible enemies are tramp steamers full of illegal immigrants, and the United States, they being the New Romans and the pre-eminent “rogue state”. There are two possible defences against the USA, and the first is nuclear suitcase bombs, which could get a bit ugly.

Eventually another nation is going to point out the existence of such bombs in the US, and Mr. President will have a problem. Such weapons are the reason why Mr. Bush’s spacey Maginot II proposal will do little except bankrupt Americans the same way nuclear subs ruined the USSR. But we must not take a military approach to this.

Instead, we emulate the model of Sweden or Switzerland, declare neutrality, and continue to work for the respect of the rest of the world, which was so ably earned by our no-count ancestors of the previous century.

To do this we can consider building hospital ships instead of more frigates, and serving the poor in this world. We can convert the navy into a strong Coast Guard service. And we’ll send no soldiers for peacekeeping, let us be the doctors for the desperate on this planet, medecins sans frontieres, and train our children to continue that. World opinion would then be the most effective defence against any invader, if we in turn might need help, until the UN is finally empowered.

HEALTH CARE The citizens of the Nituit Nation are not seeking free health care, nor union health care, and especially not government health care. No, they desire affordable, advanced, and timely health care, and business can best provide that through competition.

If a citizen finds, at tax time, that he or she has paid more than ten percent of their taxable income that year on health care, the government then refunds them the balance. There’s the beginning and the end of government participation. Otherwise we are all condemned to none of the above. If the “citizen” is somehow not a taxpayer, that is their choice.

A WORLD PARK It is imperative to stop hunting the little ones in our keeping, for sport, and to appreciate them for what they are – our most valuable national assets. The forests and seas need some respite, as does the prairie from our livestock habits. Allow our scientists to increasingly find ways to feed us without displacing all of Nature.

As the decades go by, our Nation holds the last true wildlife and wild areas of any size left on this planet. Canada will soon be a Mecca for every human being, and we should profit from that, if need be, and preserve our home as a World Park. With foresight, we can be the lungs of the northern hemisphere, helping to heal what the human plague is doing to the rest of our burdened planet.

Until that day, please stand up for Canada.


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